Pasiekstes sudmalas

The history of Pasiekste windmill dates back to ancient times. The chronicle was first mentioned in 1748 and had two shingles. The building was built of wood and cost 1,000 Albert dahlias. In the 1797 audit, neither the mill nor the millers were mentioned. Only after about 100 years we read again that there is a windmill in Pasiekste: in the address book of Ventspils district in 1892 the Pasiekste mill with melder A.Šulcas is mentioned. The owner of Pasiekste manor was Baron O. Grotthuss, so we can conclude that the mill also belonged to the manor. The mill operated until 1964. The mill repeatedly tried to rebuild in Soviet times. Both the collective farm and the cooperative, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. Thanks to the fact that we dared to dream, Pasiekste windmill has now regained its former splendor and you can get positive emotions, gain energy to make your dreams come true and, of course, enjoy a delicious meal.
We wish you a nice time with us at Pasiekste windmill.
We are for dreams that come true!

Veinbergu family